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Project Description
The classic minesweeper game that implemented by WPF, trying to demonstrate a few practices in WPF programming to make application localized, support skin, decoupled and extensible.


Currently, there are two built-in skins, namely, windows classic and ubuntu. Let’s take a look.

image                  image

And you can define you skin via a Xaml file.


It not only a statistics about won and lost, but also record details about every game you won.


While, this project is not created to show you how to create a windows-like minesweeper game but intend to create a project with better design. I wish. So it would not be a surprise that such a game has a simple plugin mechanism. There is only one plug-in currently. Maybe a plugin to record game to video sometime later.


The future

There are still many features still undone. For example.

  • Hint, and maybe evolve into a computer AI to solve a whole game.
  • Online mode to play with others just like that MSN game.

Interested? Try it!

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